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Our characters.

This tiny but nimble team is supported by a circle of artists, mentors and media professionals—our ‘Official Helpers’.


Our characters.

This tiny but nimble team is supported by a circle of artists, mentors and media professionals—our ‘Official Helpers’.

Stuart Gibson

Writer and researcher

Trained in journalism, education and theatre—and passionate about the arts, media and children’s television and literature—Stuart began his career at cultural venues in Sydney and London. From the first, mentors encouraged his writing, design and marketing abilities. 

At publisher Scholastic and his company Book Design Australia, Stuart gathered artists, designers and editors who contributed to over 150 children’s and educational books totalling some 450,000 copies in print.

The name of Stuart’s wider business, The Open Group, is—er—vague enough to span creative and entrepreneurial projects in several design disciplines, education, entertainment and media.

He recently launched an £8 million partnership bid to revive a Grade-II*-listed building—neoclassical, vast and crumbling—as a cultural venue and community landmark.

Peter Hilton

Writer and performer

Starting as a member of a progressive youth theatre group, Peter experienced the power of storytelling and honed his dry wit and improvisation skills.

His characterizations—whether hilarious or profound—are grounded in his nuanced observation, empathy and ear for dialogue.

Study in Applied Theatre let Peter build the trust and esteem of disenfranchised young people as he encouraged them to voice their own stories.

He is drawn to uncompromising drama and layered characters, and enjoys an encyclopaedic knowledge of film and television.

Nathan Peter Wong

Writer and illustrator

Nathan started his career as a freelance illustrator, designer and photographer.

A big kid at heart, he has a passion for creating fantastic worlds and colourful characters that dwell within them. He enjoys an eclectic mix of outdoor adventures, music, toys and video games, and has recently discovered an interest in traditional blacksmithing.

His design and Branding work has seen him personally develop over 350 campaigns for L’Oreal Luxe brands (Australia), and recently collaborated with Nespresso Coffee, Accessory and Machine teams to design and illustrate artwork featured on the “Unexpected Summer” global Iced Coffee campaign.

He founded NPW Studios based in Sydney, where he continues his work over design, photography and film.